Strachan's Cave

Strachan's Cave

Undoubtedly one of Whanganui’s hidden gems. Built during the 1850s by the Strachan family, this heritage-listed fortification is one of the few remaining privately built refuges constructed during the land wars.

The hillside caves feature two rooms connected by a corridor. Each room features a forward-facing musket hole for protection, while the second room features an additional musket hole facing into the main room. 

During their isolated life at Okoia, the Strachan family faced a few scares but never found themselves under attack. 

Strachan’s Cave is a category 1 historic place, located on private land. Please treat this artifact and the private land with the utmost respect to ensure it is admired well beyond the next 160 years.

Getting there:

Strachan’s Cave is approximately 3 kilometres along Kaukatea Valley Rd, Okoia. 

Access is on the right on a minor left-hand bend at the foot of a rise. There is no sign, only a roadside style and a style further up the hill to mark the track. 

Sturdy footwear and reasonable mobility are recommended, as well as a torch. Due to the erosion of the hillside, exercise caution on the short track to the cave entrance.

Wildlife: 0

Scenic: 1/2

History / Points of interest: 1

Quiet / Relaxed: 1

Visit again:1

Smiles per Hour rating: 3 1/2


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