Lake Rotokura Walk

Lake Rotokura Walk

Within the Lake Rotokura ecological reserve is two lakes. Dry lake, reached after a short 10-minute walk up a moderate gradient. From here, the track flattens out, arriving at Lake Rotokura 5 minutes later.
On a calm day, Mt Ruapehu reflects upon the lake, making it worth the early morning walk for the perfect photo.

A defined yet unmarked trail continues to encircle the lake taking about 30 to 40 minutes to complete while enjoying abundant birdlife and untouched ancient bush.

Sacred to the local Maori, who believe the lake waters have healing properties, it is requested that food not be consumed near the lake, with fishing also prohibited.

Wildlife: 1

Scenic: 1
History / Points of Interest: 1

Quiet / Relaxed: 1

Visit again: 1

Smiles per Hour rating: 5

Getting there:

From Ohakune or Waiouru, travel towards Karioi on SH49, turning into Karioi Station Rd. After 3 km, cross the railway line and follow the gravel road to the car park.


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