Adventure Cooking

Adventure Cooking

There are no parallels to be drawn between Gordon Ramsey and me. Perhaps except for similar dialogue when in the kitchen.

It is the end of the work day. Mt Washmore is eyeballing me from the lay-z-boy. I reach into the freezer and pull out whatever is closest. Cooking feels like a chore, and creativity is not on the menu.

Culinarily challenged and a townie through and through. Not so long ago a campfire was little more than a source of warmth and ambience.

Never one to watch cooking shows, I sometimes wonder how I found myself entertained by a barefoot bloke on YouTube, cooking on a campfire. Not taking himself too seriously, more than just entertainment, I found myself inspired.

The newfound novelty of boiling water for my morning coffee over the fire soon waned, and I found myself looking for adventure in familiar favourites such as burgers. Before long, I entered the uncertain world of cooking with not one but two pots.

As an active relaxer, sitting still is a challenge, even at camp, especially when travelling solo. Instead of adding water to a pack of dehydrated whatever, lighting a fire and preparing a meal gave me purpose while helping slow me down.

In a group, campfire cooking is social. Everyone is around the fire, it is casual, and the process is relaxed. Add in a cold beverage and the concept of time left behind. A step back to a primal existence, awake when it is light, sleeping when it is dark, eating when you are hungry.

Off-grid, the simplest meals seem exciting. Anything that has not been dehydrated tastes incredible and impresses your friends.

Feeling inspired?
Kick off your shoes and step on up to the (hot) plate with these campfire favourites.


Ditch the oats for french toast on the hotplate, add a side of bacon and banana, and you have cafe fare to die for.

Travelling light?

Two-ingredient pancakes? 1 banana + 1 egg, mix well and wah-lah, bush pancakes.


When it comes to dinner, it is endless, but who doesn’t like a good burger? Smokie pattie, bacon, egg. A few key ingredients will serve meals for a few days.

Sweetcorn fritters:

Mince: Split the pack, Burgers tonight, nachos tomorrow.

Apple fritters then use the batter for shallow fried mini mars bars.

Looking for recipies mentioned above? Let me know in the comments.

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