Cape Egmont Light houses

Cape Egmont Light houses

Cape Egmont, located on the west coast, is historically notorious for shipwrecks. Unsurprisingly it is home to a lighthouse or two.
The Cape Egmont Lighthouse at the end of Cape Rd, Pungarehu, was built in mid-19th century London. Initially operating on Mana Island, confusion with another lighthouse in Wellington harbour saw it moved to Cape Egmont, where it remains in service almost 150 years on, with automation taking over the job of a lighthouse keeper in 1986.

Cape Egmont’s second lighthouse is just 10 minutes north on Bayly Rd, Warea. A replica of the Cape lighthouse was built in 2005 and is home to a museum featuring maritime memorabilia, including the original Fresnel prismatic lens that served the Cape Egmont Light House until 1999.

The museum is open to the public from Friday – Monday. Check online for up-to-date hours to avoid disappointment.

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