Brett Road Campsite

Brett Road Campsite

Situated on the shores of Lake Rerewhaakitu is Brett Road Campsite. This basic Department of Conservation campsite features spectacular views from long drop loos if that's your thing.

One of three campsites on Lake Rerewaakitu (see also Ash Pit Rd and Guy Roe Reserve), it is the most basic and in the poorest condition of the three when we visited.
The campsite splits into two lakefront areas off a central driveway.
Enjoy plenty of space and beautiful lakefront views. Cooking shelters are available, but water is non-potable.

Bookings are available on the Department of Conservation website.

Fires are not permitted.

Wildlife: 1/2
Scenic: 1
History / Points of interest: 1/2
Quiet / Relaxed: 1
Visit again: 1/2
Smiles per Hour rating: 3 1/2


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