Ash Pit Road Campsite

Ash Pit Road Campsite

One of three campsites on Lake Rerewhaaiktu, Ash Pit Road is the furthest from Rotorua, though well worth the journey for its beautiful scenery, serene sunsets and sunrises over the lake.
A basic Department of Conservation campsite, the reserve is split into two lakeside areas with multiple composting loos (maintained by the local community) and cooking shelters nearby. 
A perfect spot for birdwatchers.
Campsites are bookable on the Department of Conservation website.

Fires are not permitted, and mobile reception is limited. 

Wildlife: 1
Scenic: 1
History / Points of interest: 1/2
Quiet / Relaxed: 1
Visit again: 1
Smiles per Hour rating: 4.5


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