Tree Trunk Gorge

Tree Trunk Gorge

Begin this adventure at Urchin campsite.

A well-formed dual-use track makes its way into the gorge from which it takes its name. The trail descends and ascends steeply in places, and care is advised for less experienced riders.

The trail is lightly peppered with water crossings that require riders to dismount. These range from small creeks to a stream, which was anything from ankle to nearly knee deep when taking the wrong line across.

The one-way ride takes approximately an hour to arrive at Tree Trunk Gorge Road. It is possible to ride out to the Desert road and connect with the Pillars of Hercules track, though we don’t recommend it as the state highway has a narrow shoulder offering no protection from traffic.

Final thoughts: Provides enough challenge for an experienced rider to keep it interesting, combined with challenging terrain. Tree Trunk Gorge is a must-do ride.

Getting there: 

A few minutes south of Turangi on State Highway 1, turn into Kaimanawa road. Follow Kaimanawa Road across the Waikato falls bridge and trun right at the top of the rise. Follow the gravel road and signs for Urchin Campsite.

Smiles/hr Rating: 3.5

Wildlife: 1/2

Scenic: 1

History / Points of interest: 1

Quiet / Relaxed: 1

Visiting again: 1

As seen in our Central North Island adventure episode on Youtube.


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