Tongariro River Trail

Tongariro River Trail

The trail begins at the State Hwy 1 bridge in Turangi. Heading clockwise leads to the only challenging climb, a viewpoint of the Tongariro river. From this viewpoint, the track flows from a well-graded downhill into a flat trail. Irrespective of direction, it is recommended that less skilled or confident riders walk this section for safety.
The trail itself meanders its way alongside the Tongariro river through bush and alongside farmland, mostly a well-maintained gravel path suitable for all seasons.
A few little sections of the forest will spice up the ride for the more experienced rider while providing no hassle for beginners.

Route lengths.
A shorter loop, approximately half, can be achieved by crossing the Admirals bridge and returning to the start.
To complete the long loop, continue past the admiral's bridge to cross another suspension bridge south of the national trout centre.
Note: an approach to this swing bridge at both ends requires cyclists to dismount and walk their bikes. The track is well equipped to make this a simple task.

Final thoughts. Beautiful autumn colours, mountain and river views. The trail was popular and frequented by courteous users, who spent most of the loop in solitude.

Smiles/hr Rating: 3.5 / 5

Wildlife: 1/2

Scenic: 1

History / Points of interest: 1/2

Quiet / Relaxed: 1

Visit again: 1/2


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