Limestone Creek Reserve

Limestone Creek Reserve

Limestone Creek Reserve is a limestone cave system a short walk from the roadside.

Follow a formed track down to the river. This track can be very slippery. A rope handrail assists, but care is needed. At the river, cross and follow it upstream. The trail leads past a small waterfall before the entrance to the caves appears. Don't be fooled by the narrow entrance. The caves are expansive with natural lighting sufficient on a clear day. Pack a torch if you want some assistance in finding your footing.

While some have referenced glowworms in the daytime, in the case of my visit, the ample light provided by a clear winter's afternoon revealed few glowworms. Originally the track was a loop, but a log jam blocked a narrow part of the canyon resulting in a return via the same track walk.

This natural attraction is on private land. Please be respectful to ensure access in the future.
Sturdy footwear is recommended. Be prepared to get your feet wet as part of this exploration. Packing a waterproof layer is a good idea as you navigate small waterfalls through the cave system.

Getting there:

Following the Manawatu Scenic route, turn onto Table Flat Rd at Apiti. Table flat road turns to gravel ahead of the turn into Limestone road, which descends for a few minutes to the limestone caves.

Parking is on the roadside.

Smiles Per Hr rating 4.5/5

Wildlife: 1/2

Scenic: 1

History / Points of interest: 1

Quiet / Relaxed: 1

Visit again: 1

As seen in our Down in a hole episode on YouTube


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