Hunterville Camp Ground (Queens Park)

Hunterville Camp Ground (Queens Park)

Not the most spectacular campsite ever, but it serves a purpose and is close to amenities.
With a short bush walk just over the swing bridge at the end of the park, this is a pleasant place to stop and stretch your legs if travelling State Highway 1.

A better option in the area is to head 6 km north to Vinegar Hill campsite. Scenic, with a strand of native bush and a river bordering one side.

During the summer, a custodian will collect camp fees in the evening, while there is no cost in the off-season.

Smiles per Hr rating: 1/5

Wildlife: 0
Scenic: 1/2
History / Points of interest: 0
Quiet / Relaxed: 0
Visit again: 1/2

As seen in our Down in a hole episode on YouTube.


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