Brook Park

Brook Park

From the gate, a grade 2 trail begins on your left before sidling up the hill. It makes a series of switchbacks through a paddock before heading into a strand of bush. We encountered sheep in the farm sections and Kereru swooping past towards the strand of bush. A pleasant surroundings to break up a day on the road.

Infrequent use means the route is not well defined in the intermittent farm sections, leaving you to follow your nose the first time you ride it. After heavy rain, expect some muddy sections creating an authentic mountain bike trail feel.

After becoming familiar with the trail, it would be a breeze to knock out a few laps of this pleasant and quiet loop, conveniently finishing next door to Bosco Cafe for a flat white and a muffin.

As seen in our "Can't campen our spirits" episode on Youtube.

Wildlife: 1/2

Scenic: 1/2

History / Points of interest: 0

Quiet / Relaxed: 1

Visit again:1/2

Smiles per Hour rating: 2 1/2


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