Aorangi Flour Mill

Aorangi Flour Mill

Across the paddock lays relics of the Aorangi Flour Mill alongside an interpretation panel and map detailing the layout of a mill with a chequered past. Not to ruin the story, but the history of this mill reads like something out of the wild west with everything from outlaws, deception, gunpowder and murder. 

Take a short walk to the site. You will not regret this trip down memory lane.

Getting there: Entrance to paddock is located dirtectly opposite Koiro Rd on SH43 (Forgotten World Highway) and marked by a roadside sign.

Wildlife: 0

Scenic: 1/2

History / Points of Interest: 1

Quiet / Relaxed: 1

Visit again: 1/2

Smiles per Hour rating: 3


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