Adventure Guide

Welcome to the Smiles Per Hour adventure guide.

Our guide to various locations and points of interest.

Click on the locations to see bio's and reviews based on our experience

We have a few rules that we travel by.

  • Support small communities
  • Leave camp better than you found it
  • Look at the bigger picture. Campsite (doc) fees pay for more than just the campsite. Paying fees help support track maintenance and conservation initiatives. 
  • Respect private land. Follow the route. Ask for permission. Leave it as you find it

Enjoy our easy-to-follow rating system.

None  = Zero points

Average = 1/2 point 

Good = 1 point

What we rate:

Wildlife: Birdlife, fish, wild animals.

Scenic: Nothing beats a morning coffee with a view.

History / Points of interest: Waterfalls, view points and historical significant sites. 

Quiet / Relaxed: Every campsite has the potential to be busy in the peak season, but we try to be objective on this one.

Visit again: Would we come back? One point here means we would make it a destination.

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